All of the above units are built for various businesses over the years and it impossible to capture everything in a picture. Each unit had specific requirements for each business owner. By ensuring each business person time to go through the plans and make adjustments as required, saves time and energy at the end of the project. The larger units can take a week to install.

Check out our colour chart on the home page. All larger units come fitted with a roller door, clear roof panels, non drip roof sheeting, guttering and a pedestrian door.

Shed Size Height
4x5m 2.1-2.54m
4x6m 2.1-2.54m
4x9m 2.1-2.54m
5x6m 2.1-2.65m
5x9m 2.1-2.65m
6x6m 2.1-2.75m
6x9m 2.1-2.75m
6x12m 2.1-2.75m

* Delivery charges are not included and will vary depending on location**

All prices inclusive of VAT @ 13.5%, Prices subject to change.

50% Deposit at time of order, 30% when materials arrive on site, 20% at time of completion.

Accessories include:

  • Non drip roof
  • Air Vents
  • Clear Lights
  • Heavy Duty roller door
  • PVC Gutters

No other customisation options are currently available


  • Side Door €275
  • Auto Roller Door €450
  • Double Glazed Window €275

*Pricing available upon request*

As each unit is manufactured by us; we pride ourselves in delivering quality that is guarantees satisfied customers. Each product has a 10 year guarantee against rust.

One of our customer services staff will call out and go through your individual needs. You are making an important investment and we want for you to be satisfied.

Our business has grown through referrals & word of mouth and this is very important to us.

Our Customer Service Staff can give you an estimate over the phone or when they call out to view the proposed location.