Over the years, we have sold a lot of timber sheds and one lesson we have learned, spend that bit extra on your roof especially with our Irish weather and get a Non Drip PVC Roof.

The life of a shed is always interesting to follow, it may start out as a playhouse for the kids, a clubhouse for the teenagers and end up as a potting sheds for the garden enthusiastic.

Whatever you need in a Timber Garden Shed, please phone and we will do our best to deliver a product best suited to your needs.

All sheds can be painted and we would recommend that you paint at least every 3 years to protect the timber.

Shed Size Price
6ft x 4tf €615
6ft x 6ft €695
7ft x 5ft €705
8ft x 6ft €790
10ft x 6ft €895
8ft x 8ft €975
12ft x 6ft €975
10ft x 8ft €1,115
12ft x 8ft €1,275
14ft x 8ft €1,410
16ft x 8ft €1,595
10ft x 10ft €1,375
12ft x 10ft €1,585
14ft x 10ft €1,885
16ft x 10ft €2,075
16ft x 12ft €2,430

* Delivery charges may apply.

All units are manufactured in our factory in Westmeath in the Midlands and we will supply to all 32 counties. Customers are very welcome to call out and see our sample units on site.

Accessories include:

  • Roller Doors
  • Shelving
  • Timber Floor
  • Windows
  • Gutters

No other customisation options are currently available

As each unit is manufactured by us; we pride ourselves in delivering quality that is guarantees satisfied customers. Each product has a 10 year guarantee against rust.

One of our customer services staff will call out and go through your individual needs. You are making an important investment and we want for you to be satisfied.

Our business has grown through referrals & word of mouth and this is very important to us.

Our Customer Service Staff can give you an estimate over the phone or when they call out to view the proposed location.